2018 LLWW Pen Swap

2018 LLWW Pen Swap:

This is an annual event sponsored by Lynn Lacy from LL-Woodworks, Lynn has a chanel on YouTube.

This is how it works:  Individuals who subscribe to his channel are eligible to enter. Lynn collects the names of those who are interested in participating and will assign them a partner. Each participant makes a segmented pen and sends it to the person that Lynn has assigned to them.

This is a great opportunity for pen turners to meet each other share different ideas and to discuss challenges that may have come up.

This year I was matched up with Mike Barry from the great state of New Hampshire. The Pen that he created was a Slimline with Spectra-ply. His idea came from Bob at RJBWoodturner. It is a very unique design and It is proudly displayed in my home.

The pen that I made for  him was a cigar style pen. I used several different types of wood in a segmented design. The woods I had used were, black walnut, maple, and cabbage bark that came from Belize.

If you are interested in contacting Lynn, Bob, or Mike here is their information:

Lynn Lacy

Web: ll-woodworks.net

Email [email protected]

Bob Blanford

[email protected]

       Mike Berry

       [email protected]

This is a photograph of the pen made for Eddie

This is a photograph of the pen Eddie made for Mike


Thanks Lynn.